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 Full time Victim Advocate
2 positions available

 posted 07/11/2023

Provides services in support of the advocacy, intervention, prevention, education and training to address sexual assault (may include human trafficking), domestic violence (child injury, intimate partner violence, elder abuse). This position supports the Crisis Advocacy Program (CAP) which provides comprehensive services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to assist and advocate for victims of sexual assalt and domestic abuse and to ensure a victim's easy transition to community resources. The victim advocate (VA) serves individuals and families living in Lea County and some surrounding areas.

  • Provides crisis intervention and comprehensive services to include emotional support, arrangement of transportation; accompany victims to medical, legal and/or law enforcement appointments (when requested), assist in securing protective orders, emergency food and/or shelter.

  • Works directly with victims to ensure that expressed needs are advocated and presented to personnel at intervening agencies.

  • Assesses imminent risks for health and/or safety of the victim and make referrals as appropriate.

  • Assists victims with navigating the system to obtain the services desired and refer victims to the appropriate services for continued care.

  • Ensures victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse receive sensitive, confidential and immediate comprehensive care and treatment needed to restore health and well-being.

  • Performs initial screening, non- clinical risk and lethality assessment and safety planning with victims of domestic abuse.

  • Assists victims in developing safety plans, conduct a lethality assessment, and provide emotional support, crisis intervention, prevention awareness and education to victims.

  • Provides crisis intervention and a warm hand off to community resources for victim.

  • Provides information on victim rights, services and resources available within or out of our communities.

  • Coordinates with the Crisis Advocacy Program Manager (CAPM) to develop procedures that ensure victims of domestic abuse receive timely and appropriate information.

  • When contacted by a victim of sexual or domestic abuse, make contact either telephonically within 10 minutes or face to face within 45 minutes (when requested) by the victim.

  • Explains CAP disclosure and reporting options during the initial contact to ensure that the victim makes informed decisions about disclosing information regarding the abuse.

  • Ensures that first responders, (Emergency Medical Services and or law enforcement etc.) are contacted immediately during crisis situations where there is imminent harm to the victim, their children or program staff..

  • Operates within established guidelines of the CAP and the Victim Advocacy Program.

  • Conducts sexual and domestic abuse training and awareness programs to educate commnity members.

  • Understanding of Problematic Sexual Behavior- Child and Youth (PSB-CY)

  • Guide client families through the investigative process, encourage their participation in the process, and help them understand their rights as a victim of a crime.

  • Formulate appropriate intervention strategies to improve a family’s coping skills during a child abuse case investigation and prosecution process.

  • Identify and make every attempt to meet the needs of children and families who may be in crisis

  • Educate non-offending caregivers about the dynamics and possible long-term consequences of child abuse

  • Assess family needs and encourage non-offending caregivers to participate in recommended services and counseling.

  • Provide information and assistance with completing Crime Victims’’ Compensation applications.

  • Serve as a liaison between the family and multidisciplinary team members as needed.

  • Assist multidisciplinary team members in identifying client needs and providing recommendations.

  • Represent the child and family’s best interest at multidisciplinary team case review meetings.

  • Accompany non-offending caregivers to court or other appointments, when requested.

  • Participate in relevant community awareness, campaigns and prevention events.

  • Maintain ongoing case management, all data entry must be completed within three business days.

  • Ensure daily contact with a victim while in crisis and no less than every 30 days when not in crisis.

  • When a victim departs the servicing area, case shall be transferred as appropriate, when advocacy services are completed, the case will be closed as appropriate.


Other Job Requirements



Possess ability to intervene in crisis situations, using sound professional judgment, ethical practice, and common sense.
Ability to work independently to assess risk, develop, implement, and evaluate safety and intervention plans to meet victim needs.
Demonstrated understanding, sensitivity, and empathy for victims.
Possess the ability to develop trusting helping relationships.
Possess the ability to work effectively with individuals and families from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Ability to work cooperatively with medical, social service, law enforcement, and legal personnel on behalf of victims.
Must possess and maintain a valid, unrestricted motor vehicle license.
Must possess transportation to transport victim in crisis (non-emergent) situations as a last resort.
Must be able to provide on-call 24 hours/7 days per week victim advocacy services.

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