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Advocate Services

What is a ictim/survivor advocate?

Victim advocates are specially trained to support victims of crime and are there just for you. They offer emotional support, victims' rights information, help in finding needed resources and assistance in filling out crime victim related forms. Our advocates frequently accompany victims and their family members through the criminal justice proceedings. Advocates work with other organizations, such as criminal justice or social service agencies, to get help or information for the victims we serve. Victim advocates' responsibilities vary case to case. No 2 situations are exactly alike.

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Advocacy services include but not limited to:

  • Crisis intervention

  • Emotional Support

  • Resources and referrals

  • Information on victimization

  • Assistance with Crime Victims Reparation Compensation application

  • Information on legal rights and protections

  • Information on criminal justice process

  • Assist victims and their family members submit statements to the court.

  • Intervention with landlords, creditors and employers on behalf of the victim

  • Information on crime prevention

  • Assistance with funeral/memorial arrangements

  • Assistance with safety planning

  • Assistance with navigating the medical and court systems.

How Our Advocates Work with Survivors?

Some of our advocates are paid staff and others are volunteers. Some of our advocates are survivors who have chosen to help others who are going through their own healing process. Our victim advocates have specialized training both at state and national levels, that prepare them to assist victims. All of our advocates receive ongoing trauma informed trainings surrounding crime victims and their needs.

Our advocates offer victims information about the different options available to them and support victims' decision making. Our advocates are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of confidentiality in their communication with victims.

If You Are a Victim and in need of an Advocate ...

 call our 24/7 hotline 


 or have your officer, medical staff or friend reach out to us 

 one of our advocates can respond on scene or meet you at the hospital

Waiting Room

It may be difficult for you to reach out for help, but by contacting our agency for victim services you will find that our compassionate victim advocates can offer you information, support, and access to helpful services that you may not know about. Many victims are relieved to know our agency strives to make sure victims are helped and receive the tools they need to recover from the impact of their crime

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